Proudly Serving our Community for 27 Years

“Saving an animal may not change the world, but it sure changes the world for that animal!”

Get Involved

Want a new family member?  Check out our different adoption programs and feel free to come down to the shelter and see our residents who are eager to meet you!

Want to assist the Ark in our mission?  Check out the different ways you can help us help our community.  From fulling our wish-list to donating to our store, all your efforts are appreciated!

So you want to be a volunteer and join our mission!  Become one of our family crew and see what we do on a daily basis to help our residents stay clean, healthy, and happy!

Our Animals

Looking for a new running partner? Or maybe someone eager to welcome you home after work? Or maybe a new best friend? See our canines!

Need someone to explore the corners of your house with? Or maybe just your cardboard boxes and socks. We will have a cat fit for you!

Check our Adopt a Pet which assists us in showcasing our animals and helps us find them homes!

At the Ark, we operate as a non-profit, no-kill shelter, and constantly strive to bring the best to our community by rescuing animals in need. From there, we provide veterinary services and a loving shelter until we can find them their proper homes.  Feel free to explore more about us!