The Ark Inc. "a no-kill animal shelter"

Who are we?

The Ark was incorporated as a non-profit, no kill animal shelter on March 6, 1990 in Huntsville Alabama by Nina Beal as a way to respond to animals with need of assistance in our community.  For the past 27 years, we have worked with our city to help improve the living conditions of homeless animals through rescue and rehabilitation.  Through our efforts, we have developed a proud mission statement:

    • To rescue and provide homes to as many in-need animals as we are capable of
    • To provide veterinary care for each animal, including spaying/neutering before adoption
    • To maintain a no kill policy except for reasons of mercy or dangerous temperament
    • To promote humane treatment of animals through a humane education program

Upon rescue, the Ark provides all shelter needs and veterinarian preventatives to include: juvenile spay/neuter, shelter, food and a loving “at home” environment for rescued animals, as they wait to be adopted into a new loving home.  We refrain from using a euthanizing process unless a dangerous temperament is found in an animal, or a dire mercy case is needed.  Working with local television and radio programs, we also have strive to continuously educate on proper shelter practices.

The Ark operates solely on donations and fundraisers, receiving no city, county, state or federal funding.  We operate solely through our dedicated staff and volunteers of our city! It is a testament to the heart and passion in our community that we have served strongly for the past 27 years and continue to do so!  If not for caring citizens, the Ark could not operate.  The Ark Memorial-Honorarium wall is in loving memory of, and to honor those that will be remembered for their kindness and generous contributions to the Ark.  Check out our upcoming events and swing by to learn more!

Get Involved

Want a new family member?  Check out our different adoption programs and feel free to come down to the shelter and see our animals who are eager to meet you!

Want to assist the ark in our mission?  Check out the different ways you can help us help our community.  From fulling our wish-list to donating to our store, all your efforts are appreciated!

So you want to be a volunteer and join our mission!  Become one of our family crew and see what we do on a daily basis to help our animals stay clean, healthy, and happy!

The Ark is much more than an animal shelter!  Below is a more extensive list of our contributions in our community.

  • Rescuing animals of all walks and conditions whether they be sick, abandoned, and or injured
  • Maintaining a no-kill animal policy
  • Entering into an Agreement of Understanding with Hope Place to care for and protect the pets of domestic violence victims who are seeking refuge at Hope Place
  • Entering into an agreement of understanding with the American Red Cross to provide:
    • a Disaster Animal Relief Team to enter tornado areas to help victims with injured and lost pets
    • care to victims and their pets of home fires
  • Rescuing as many animals as possible from the City Animal Control Shelter before they are put to death
  • Starting the first juvenile animal spay/neuter program to ensure ALL animals adopted from the Ark are spayed or neutered before adoption
  • Promoting public awareness of the importance of pet owner responsibility through our Channel 31 Needy Paws Telethon
  • Providing pet therapy in nursing homes and humane education in schools